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The Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation
Training, Certifications, Workshops and Awards

The members of SPRI are committed to being at the forefront of the paranormal science community. With that goal in mind, we at SPRI search out training workshops and certifications in the areas that pertain to our field. Listed below are the fruits of those labors.




TAPS Family Member Training Workshop.

SPRI is proud to announce that on October 15, 2005, three members (Robin, Tom and Bill) attended a ghost hunting workshop at the Kutztown Area Historical Society’s 1892 Public School Building, hosted by Berks Lehigh Paranormal Association (BLPA). BLPA is Pennsylvania’s nearest TAPS Family member. As you can imagine we were eager to attend such an event.

Rick Bugera is the president of the Berks Lehigh Paranormal Association (also its founder) and a founding member of The Global Paranormal Alliance. Rick began the training workshop with a presentation and lecture concerning the equipment, its uses and reviewing the evidence. Then we broke into teams and investigated the 1892 built school house with two of BLPA’s finest escorting us. Thanks Jennifer and Andrea!

Afterward, there was a question and answer period with Rick and the other members of the BLPA along with an EVP reviewing session. We all got to meet and talk with Rick not only about investigating but also about managing an investigation group.

This event was also the first face to face meeting between SPRI and our friends from the East Lancaster Ghost Hunters (ELGH). Can’t wait to work with you again Dave and Tammy!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rick Bugera, the Berks Lehigh Paranormal Association, the Kutztown Area Historical Society and of course, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Thank you all for your hard work, persistence and most of all for sharing your knowledge.

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